About Us

Brio Water Technology is built on the core principle of fulfilling the water filtration void left unfulfilled by many. Brio Water Tech is preceded by our reputation for unmatched customer service, dealer support, large and diverse inventory that is available all year round and our continued direction to innovate and unite technology within the water filtration industry.

We predict and identify water filtration needs and collaborate with our research and development team and vast dealer network to produce a final product that ensures that all markets have been considered and their needs met. The emphasis of a balanced collaboration between our dealers and design team is the key to producing the highest quality and aesthetically pleasing product that utilizes modern and traditional designs and technology. We undergo and surpass the industry’s most stringent and vigorous testing for elite certifications through certified partners and labs, ensuring our products are ready to service dealers and customers with 100% satisfaction.

Brio Water Technology is committed to servicing any and all needs, from ensuring the products offered is always up to date and ahead of consumer demands to an inhouse technical staff that is well read and ready to service all your customers. Our large facility and vast infrastructure give confidence with a proven track record to deliver whatever you may need. Brio Water Technology strives to pave the way for groundbreaking filtration technology combined with IOT capability that leads the forefront, taking the water industry of the modern world into the future.