Brio Moderna UV Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser with Filtration – Adjustable Temperature – Digital Clock – LED Nightlight – Tri Temp Hot, Cold, and Room

Brio Moderna Tri-Temp Bottleless Point of Use Water Dispenser transforms tap water into a luxurious hydrating experience. Say goodbye to lifting heavy bottles and trips to the store as this point of use water cooler uses the industry’s most innovative P.O.U. filtration technology. Purify water with ease using multiple stages of filtration, so confidently refill cups and bottles every time. Brio delivers only the finest and purest water in your cup, so enjoy refreshing cool, soothing hot and room temperature water at any time. Always have perfectly cool or hot water on hand with the cooler that goes above and beyond, so you never need ice or an appliance to cool or heat water. Satisfy a variety of your hydration needs by choosing between cool, ambient and soothing hot water. The user-friendly unit features an easy hook up to a (cold) water line, as it is reservoir-free. Hydration is a breeze when Brio Water is there to satisfy all your water needs.

Personalized Water Temperature

Enjoy hydration tailored to YOU! Decide how hot you would like your favorite beverage to be or decide how cool you would like your water to be. Customize the temperature according to your preference!

Illuminate Hydration

Never overfill or spill water when dispensing from Brio Moderna! The bright night light illuminates the dimmest environment, so refill your cup late at night.

Clear Digital Display

Clear and bright, the digital display can easily be seen night or day. Clearly see the temperature setting, time and notifications, so always know the status of your water.

Specialized Filtration

Each filter is designed to purify water to its natural state. The specialized filters ensure that only the purest water is in your cup.

Premium Filters

High-quality filters are at the heart of any premium cooler. Brio ensures that only the finest filters are used in each cooler, providing only premium hydration to satisfy a wide range of needs.

Ditch The Plastic

Eliminate the need for single use water bottles and invest in a sustainable source of pure water. Invest in quality hydration, invest in the global well-being, invest in Brio.

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