500 Series 4-stage UV Self-Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler

  • Cooler is equipped with a child safety lock on the hot water spout, so the entire family can use it worry free.
  • It features a 4-stage ultrafiltration system that includes a 5-micron sediment filter, a GAC filter, a UF filter and a 5-micron post carbon filter that removes 99 percent of all organic compounds, chemicals, pathogens and microorganisms from water. 
  • It features 100 percent stainless steel cold and hot reservoirs to protect water purity, cooler longevity and taste of water.
  • Cooler features a large dispense point, so consumers can easy refill bottles of different sizes. 
  • Cooler features a self-cleaning feature. It is equipped with a UV light that disinfects the cooler 24/7, so consumers will never have to service the cooler themselves. 
  • Provide your entire household or office with only the finest purified water the water industry has to offer. The CLPOU520UVF4 is a point-of-use water cooler that utilizes state-of-the-art filtration technology. It features a 4-stage ultrafiltration system that removes 99 percent of all contaminants from water. The stainless steel reservoir tank protects water from contaminants and ensures waters purity in each cup. The child safety-lock prevents accidental pouring of hot water, so install the unit with confidence knowing that the entire family is safe. 

Removable Drip Tray

If you have owned a water dispenser before, you know how easy it is for the last drop of water to fall out of the tap after you’ve removed your glass. This Brio water cooler comes equipped with an anti-rust BPA-Free drip tray, which allows you to keep your drip tray sanitary. The removable drip tray means an easy and quick clean up!

Easy Filter Access

Replacing filters is a breeze, featuring an easily accessible cabin in the cooler. The user-friendly filters are simple to remove and replace, placing quality hydration right at your fingertips.

UV-CARE by Brio

Enjoy water from a self cleaning cooler. The UV light technology eliminates bacteria and biofilm from your new favorite cooler, so water remains pure and fresh all the time.

Premium Filters

High-quality filters are at the heart of any premium cooler. Brio ensures that only the finest filters are used in each cooler, providing only premium hydration to satisfy a wide range of needs.

Specialized Filtration

Each filter is designed to purify water to its natural state. The specialized filters ensure that only the purest water is in your cup.

Ditch The Plastic

Eliminate the need for single use water bottles and invest in a sustainable source of pure water. Invest in quality hydration, invest in the global well-being, invest in Brio.

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Stage 1-4 Replacement Pack


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