6 Stage Drinking Water Filter System, Ecosoft P'URE


Stages of filtration:

  1. The first stage is the sediment PP 5-micron filter, which removes large silt, sand and rust. 
  2. The second stage is the GAC coconut shell carbon filter, which removes chlorine and organochlorine compounds. It neutralizes chlorine, organic and organochlorine compounds, such as, pesticides, dioxides, etc. As a result, the taste, color and odor of water is improved.
  3. Filter with AquaGreen technology protects membrane element and is economical and environmentally friendly. The filter saves up to 20,000 L of water per year and, depending on the use, needs 2 replacements per year. 
  4. DOW Filmtec RO membrane element purifies water from 99.8% of contaminants, including viruses and bacteria. 
  5. AquaSpring filter enriches water with the perfect balance of calcium and magnesium, which makes it tasty and healthy. 
  6. Coconut shell carbon post-filter improves taste and smell of the purified water
  • Tasty and healthy water with calcium and magnesium 
  • Stable mineral composition 
  • Safe even for children 
  • Economical and environmentally-friendly 
  • 12 liters of pure drinking water per hour 
  • Simple installation in 1 hour 
  • 36 months warranty

 -Ecosoft P’URE Balance reverse osmosis filter is designed to purify drinking water to ideal quality in homes with up to 5 people. 

Stage - Description Item Number Replacement Cartridge Link

Stage 1-3 Replacement Pack


Stage 4: GAC In-Line Filter


Stage 5: RO Membrane


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