5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System with Pump, RO, Ecosoft Standard


Stages of Filtration: 

  1. The first stage removes large particles of mechanical impurities, such as silt, rust, sand and scale, using the 5 micron PP Sediment Filter.  
  2. The second stage neutralizes chlorine, organic and organochlorine compounds, such as pesticides and dioxides, using GAC Coconut Shell Carbon Filter. As a result, the taste, color and odor of water is greatly improved.
  3. Sediment PP 1-Micron Filter is found in the third stage, it fine cleans mechanical impurities of more than 1-micron. 
  4. Reverse Osmosis follows, the pre-cleaned water is passed through a membrane Purified water is fed to the next stage of filtration, pollution that has passed through the membrane is discharged into the sewage system.
  5. The Coconut Shell Post-Carbon Filter absorbs the gases dissolved in water and gives the water a pleasant and natural taste. 
  • Pure tasty water 
  • Safe even for children 
  • 8 L of clean water per hour 
  • Easy installation in 1 hour

-The reverse osmosis filter Ecosoft Standard is best suited for a family of 3-4 people. The filter makes water safe, and also protects your household appliances from the scale formation.

-Ecosoft Standard Reverse Osmosis Filter with Pump is designed for water supply systems with low pressure. All products have the necessary approvals for domestic usage and undergo factory acceptance tests. 

-Ecosoft Standard Reverse Osmosis Filter with Pump includes: filter housing with pump, pre-filters, Ecosoft 50 GDP membrane, Ecosoft carbon post-filter, chrome ball valve faucet, pressure tank and tank valve, feed water adapter, feed valve, drain saddle, color tubes, service wrench, and user manual. 

Stage - Description Item Number Replacement Cartridge Link

Stage 1-3 Replacement Pack


Stage 4: GAC In-Line Filter


Stage 5: RO Membrane


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