Industrial reverse osmosis system Ecosoft MO-6


Ecosoft MO-6 is a fully automated 6-7 m3/h reverse osmosis system. The equipment includes Grundfos high pressure pump, Dow Filmtec™ extra low energy membranes, Danfoss automated valves and Honeywell flow control valves.

The RO system is equipped with a controller and most necessary instrumentation. A range of options is available on request. Ecosoft RO systems offer great value in the following applications.

New Column New Column New Column
ico_boiler.png Steam boilers Less boiler blowdown compared to ionexchange softened water
ico_semi.png Semiconductormanufacturing Enhanced rejection of silica, boron, ammonia,and other impurities compared to otherRO products
ico_pharma.png Pharmaceuticalmanufacturing Consistent rejection of pyrogens and toxicconstituents
ico_food.png Food processing Enhanced Dow Filmtec™ membranes andraw water blending available optionally
ico_chem.png Chemicalmanufacturing Purified water is requisite for most processesin chemical industry
ico_cooling.png Heat andcooling circuits Prevention of scaling and corrosiondue to hardness  and other impurities
ico_anod.png Galvanic andelectroplating Used to obtain any grade of water for metalfinishing
ico_glass.png Insulation glazing Prevention of stains and scale on glass surfaces,lower detergent usage
ico_textile.png Textile industry Used to obtain any grade of water for textileprocess
ico_bottle.png Drinking waterbottling Heavy duty Dow Filmtec™ membranes forproblem water with nitrate, ammonia, high TOC,high TDS available as option
ico_irri.png Agriculture Demineralized water is most suitable for bothplants and irrigation systems
ico_fish.png Fish farms Optional raw water blending allows to fine tuneTDS, hardness, and alkalinity to specificrequirements
ico_building.png Utility watertreatment RO water meets the EC Drinking WaterDirective and protects pipes and valves againstscaling, clogging and corrosion
ico_wash.png Laundry andcar wash Prevention of stains and scale, cleanerwash/laundry, lower detergent usage
ico_desal.png Desalination Dow Filmtec™ XLE membranes and Grundfos®pumps offer lowest energy use per mpermeate
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XLE-440 Replacement


Sediment Filter Replacement


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