3 Stage Undersink Drinking Water Filter System, Brio Signature

  • This three-stage system has a high filtering capacity and a long lifespan. For our consumers convenience, it only needs to be changed every six months.
  • The first stage of this system traps sediment and other particulate matter such as dirt, silt and rust, which affects the taste and appearance of water.
  • The second stage of this system contains a 5-micron GAC filter that ensures contaminants, such as chlorine, and other materials are greatly reduced.
  • The third stage of this system is a granular carbon block filter that eliminates any remaining contaminants such as lead, chlorine, fluoride and more.
  • Included with this filter is a modern faucet that is made of food-grade metal. It is corrosion-resistant to ensure quality and longevity, and its high-arch spout  allows for plenty of sink room and easy dispensing of water.

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